Thursday, December 7, 2023

Man at the Center of the Hopland Manhunt Arrested in Sonoma County

Christian Ernest Beyer [Mugshot from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Booking Logs]

41-year-old Christian Ernest Beyer fled Mendocino County law enforcement on the afternoon of October 29, 2023, prompting a multi-agency manhunt and a shelter-in-place order to the residents of Hopland.

Beyer eluded capture until yesterday when he was taken into custody over sixty miles south in the Sonoma County town of Petaluma.

Petaluma Police Department Officer Matt Parnow told us Beyer maintains a “home residence” in the southern Sonoma County town. After Beyer eluded capture in Hopland, Petaluma PD was informed of the hunt by Mendocino County law enforcement. Officers located Beyer at the home yesterday and took him into custody without incident.

Officer Parnow said that his agency does not have a record of multiple contacts with Beyer.

A Ukiah Police Officer using binoculars to search for the suspect [Picture by Matt LaFever]

The incident that incited the manhunt is still unclear. Initial reports indicated Beyer had possibly carjacked a vehicle or attempted to run pedestrians over with a vehicle. We have inquiries in with the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office to get clarification.

What we do know is that a police officer contacted Beyers near the Hopland Antique Store along Highway 101 and immediately fled east on foot reportedly carrying a large knife. After apparently crossing the vineyards and Russian River, witnesses placed him later that afternoon on the east side of Sanel Valley. As the sunset, he disappeared while residents sheltered in place concerned he could be in their midst.

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Trick-or-treating was subdued with many residents concerned Beyer could still be on the loose. Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office deputies continued to patrol the area in the 48 hours after he went missing and positioned a deputy at the Shanél Valley Academy elementary school to enhance security.

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  1. SO sick of all the male psychos roaming around this county! Just look at the booking log on any given day and it’s frightening! Thank you to the law enforcement personnel for capturing these freaky people. I hope that Ukiah PD and Mendo. Co. Sheriff offices focus more on busting the drug dealers who are getting these freaks high AF. I mean how hard can it be to bust the drug dealers supplying the lowlifes with meth and whatever else they are ingesting that make them act like freaks! There is a crazy native american or hispanic-looking guy that hangs out standing along Talmage Road near the freeway on an almost daily basis – often too close to passing vehicles for safety. This guy is out of his mind and yesterday I saw him standing on the corner of Talmage Rd. and Airport Park Blvd. jerking his body around in freaky moves like I’ve never seen him before AND he had what appeared to be a bloody nose or somehow blood on his face! I have never seen the Ukiah Police Dept. in contact with any of the transients disrupting traffic on the corner of Talmage Rd. & Airport Park Blvd and that corner is hot with transient outcasts. It’s just a matter of time that one of them will be ran over by a car because they jaywalk and do whatever the F they want with no consquences. I once turned left at the intersection onto Airport Park Blvd in the day and cars were lined up facing north at the light and out from behind a car a woman with a shopping cart bolted out right in front of my car and I almost hit her. I screamed at her dumb ass that she is gonna end up dead if she keeps doing that and she threatened me of course. Again, never see UPD present anywhere near that corner and transients are present constantly BLOCKING other pedestrians from utilizing the sidewalk while they harass cititzens for money on city streets! So sick of seeing this crap in Ukiah. UPD needs to step it up some more and bust these drunk and drugged out scumbags! The man with the bloody face was clearly drugged out of his fn mind! WHERE IS HE GETTING THE DRUGS?? WHERE ARE MOST ALL OF THE OTHER DRUGGED OUT LOSERS GETTING THEIR DRUGS. WHERE IS THE CITY AND COUNTY TASK FORCES BUSTING THE DRUG DEALERS. THESE DEALERS ARE NOT VERY SMART SO THE TASK SHOULD BE PRETTY SIMPLE.

    • Agreed Bonnie, I see the guy on Talmage too, and I have had people just walk in front of my moving car. As someone who grew up in Talmage I’m so discouraged that this thoroughfare is neglected by cops, neglected by the city/county and unsafe for pedestrians. I remember when it was safe to go to the bottle shop and marinos for lunch. With the entire county comming to Costco, that intersection should be the best functioning and most walkable one in town. Thank you Marinos, Thank You Joyeria Angelica, thank you Bottle Shop, Thank you Jalos and Ukiah Dental, Annies Bistro, even the Mutt Hutt. Your survival in that neglected neighborhood amazes me. I salute you.

    • Bonnie, there are plenty of female “psychos” in Mendocino county too! “Psycho’s” as you like to call them aren’t necessarily all drug addicted, mentally ill people often try to self medicate and the results are usually less than desirable. Mendocino county used to have much more accessible mental health care. But of course as the county became less able to afford adequate treatment those in need have gone without. When a county chooses a new jail and incarceration over drug treatment and mental health treatment, it will become very obvious which should’ve been chosen.

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