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‘A Referendum Would Effectively Shut Down the Legal Cannabis Industry’- Executive Director of Visit Mendocino County on Referendums

“For those of us who hold a vision of environmental stewardship and sustainable economic  development for Mendocino County, the referendum is unfortunately not the path that it  promises to be. While claiming to protect the environment, it would actually remove all  environmental protections and limits to activities like water hauling and illegal diversions.”

Redwood Valley Resident and Firefighter on Flow Kana’s Fuel Reduction Practices in the Wake of the Broiler Fire

“Because of this, I am asking that Flow Kana’s Vice President step down, relinquish her seat on the Mendocino County Fire Safe Council board of directors. After the incident a few days ago, it is obvious that the purpose and mission of the Fire Safe Council isn’t carried through into the culture of the company that she works for.”