Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Search and Rescue Conducting Operations Today After Potter Valley Man Goes Missing

PJ Bruggeman Junior [Picture provided by his partner Mindy]

Potter Valley man, PJ Bruggeman, Jr., was last seen on Thursday July, 15th, 2021 near his home, according to his partner, Mindy.He has not been seen since. Considered “at-risk” by the Nixle Alert issued by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office.

Bruggeman is 5′ 11”, 160 pounds, has blonde dreadlocks and multiple tattoos. One note of particular concern is Bruggeman reportedly left home without his truck, wallet, and phone.

A Nixle Alert issued by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office early this morning indicates MCSO’s Search and Rescue will be searching in the area of Mid-Mountain Road in the area of Potter Valley with personnel both on foot and using off-road vehicles. The alert states the search operation will run from 8:00 a.m. this morning to sundown.

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  1. Is it really necessary for the Sheriff Department to send out texts at 4:23 am letting people in the county know where they will be working in the morning?Eventually, someone is going to snap. How they think it’s conducive to alarm people sound asleep about where they will be in five hours. Seriously, I’m across the county from where this is taking place. If I want the news I’ll read it when I wake up. Someone pass the bong. So rudely awakened as if there was an actual emergency taking place at that very moment. Geez, I could have stubbed my big toe looking for the phone.
    Please stop harassing me at 4 in the morning with unnecessary texts. Thanks

    • Exactly!!! Thanks Bubba!!!

      I just about had a heart attack!!! Been awake ever since.
      We lost everything, but the shirts on our backs and our animals, in the October 2017 fire in Redwood Valley. Our phones are on 24/7. Getting a text at an unnecessary time of day when danger to those receiving it is not eminent shows the “whole picture” was not considered. I appreciate the texts and the fact that it is part of someone’s job to find time to send them. However, clearly, some sort of protocol re non emergency texts needs and must be developed.

      I feel for the family and loved ones looking for their beloved one, but it seems 7:30 or 8:00am would have been sufficient.

    • Your mindset is interesting. I hope that when something happens to your loved one, and you expect prompt attention, you get the lackadaisical energy that seem to have hoped for here. Maybe you need a different strain to smoke because obviously the one you’ve got isn’t doing it’s job.

  2. Really, he’s someone’s son. Have a heart! He has a family and people that love him, everybody deserves a chance. You never know when someone could be the next important person in your life. Have some empathy!

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