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California’s COVID-19 Restrictions Have Caused ‘Considerable Collateral Damage’ Without ‘Benefit Nor End In Sight’—An Open Letter from Five Bay Area Physicians


The following letter was written and signed by four doctors at the University of California, San Francisco and one working for the County of Alameda in their COVID-19 response infrastructure. They express specific concerns they have with California’s current approach to the COVID-19 pandemic and associated protocols, specifically those that could, in their eyes ,do more harm than good. This open letter was published on a petition website, that you can sign here, but we are choosing to publish it not as an endorsement to sign it, but as an opportunity to offer an alternative perspective from medical professionals. This article from the SF Standards offers a counter-point to the letter below interviewing other UCSF doctors who do no agree with the assertions of the authors of the open letter.

A boy wearing a surgical mask [Stockphoto from Pixabay.com]

An Open Letter to Governor Gavin Newsom, California Department of Public Health Director Tomás J. Aragón, Secretary of the California Health & Human Services Agency Mark Ghaly, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond, all California County Public Health Officers, and all California Public School Superintendents and School Boards:

We are writing to you today as public health and medical professionals and as California residents. Since this pandemic began, we have been living under the most restrictive COVID-19 policies in the country. For those of us in the Bay Area, we continue to navigate the most restrictive policies in the state.  These restrictions persist despite California’s high vaccination rate and low COVID-19 hospitalization rates. California’s COVID policies have failed to evolve with the advent of highly protective and widely accessible vaccines. Our restrictive policies, that have caused considerable collateral damage throughout the pandemic, have long lost their justification as necessary for prevention of serious illness and death. These pervasive policies continue to negatively affect our professional and personal lives without clear benefit nor any end in sight.

Present policies have driven thousands of people from this state and from our public schools, and we will continue to lose many great minds, great businesses, great families and great individuals if current policy is not righted.

We are particularly concerned about the toll that our state’s polices continue to have on children and teens. 

We are writing to ask California officials to acknowledge the endemic nature of COVID-19 after the Omicron surge and immediately shift our public dialogue toward defining a path for removing all remaining COVID-19 restrictions in public schools.

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We implore you to do the following:

  1. Acknowledge that any adult and most school age children have now had the opportunity to be fully vaccinated, and that forcing further mandates, particularly requiring boosters for children, is likely to increase mistrust and resentment of government and public health officials.
  2. Acknowledge that many families in California vaccinated their children for the good of society since children are at lower risk of severe disease.
  3. Acknowledge that vaccinated individuals of all ages in this state have been waiting for a reward for their efforts in the form of a major relaxation of restrictions which they have yet to receive.
  4. Acknowledge that the public is weary from two years of restrictions, shifting messages from government officials, and a failure to acknowledge that the risk of severe COVID among children is significantly lower than in adults; indeed, it could take well over a generation for government leaders and infectious disease experts to regain the public’s trust.
  5. Acknowledge the smaller risk that COVID-19 illness poses to children compared to the disproportionate toll that mitigation measures have taken on children.
  6. Acknowledge the ongoing mental health crisis that is present in our children and teens due to social isolation and anxiety that has been created by this pandemic.
  7. Acknowledge the ongoing educational crisis that is unfolding before us so long as children cannot see their teachers’ and peers’ faces and adequately hear and interact with them.
  8. Immediately allow school children to unmask while outdoors, including during sports, by clarifying that outdoor exposures to COVID-19 are exceedingly low risk encounters and should not qualify as close contacts for the purpose of quarantines.
  9. Make masks optional while indoors in school settings when California’s general mask mandate expires on February 15, 2022, or no later than February 24, 2022, twelve weeks after the last public school child became eligible for the vaccine.
  10. Acknowledge the potential developmental harm that is caused to infants and toddlers who do not get to see their caregivers’ and teachers’ mouths when they are being spoken to nor see their full facial expressions in their interactions.
  11. Immediately allow preschool and daycare teachers and students to unmask at all times if they so choose. If they do not choose to, please provide them with the CDC guidance on masking options, emphasizing one-way masking as a protective strategy.
  12. Work towards ending the mindless testing of asymptomatic individuals with no clear purpose given that COVID-19 is here to stay.
  13. Acknowledge that policies on college campuses should recognize that population’s relative low risk and high vaccination rate, thus not warranting returns to distance learning that deprive our young adults of social interaction that is formative for a lifetime.
  14. Immediately shift away from a public health response that is based on case rates to one that strictly looks at hospitalizations and deaths in a broader context.
  15. Acknowledge that the present Omicron variant is less deadly than prior variants.
  16. Acknowledge that true COVID-19 hospitalizations remain low in this state and particularly in the Bay Area, and that we should refrain from panic-driven restrictions that inflict additional collateral damage on our most vulnerable populations, unjustified by a less deadly variant.
  17. Commit to a rigorous cost-benefit analysis for all COVID restrictive policies to ensure that benefit always outweighs harm, without disproportionately prioritizing prevention of COVID-19 transmission above all other health considerations.

We stand ready with our collective experience and expertise to help this state establish a path to normalcy in our schools and beyond.


Jeanne Noble, MD, MA, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Director of COVID-19 Response for the UCSF Parnassus Emergency Department

Jennifer Nguyen, MD, Pediatrician, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center

Vinay Prasad, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, UCSF, Hematologist-Oncologist, San Francisco General Hospital

Jarrett Moyer, MD, Surgery and Bioengineering, UCSF

Laura Chinnavaso, RN, BSN, Alameda County Disaster Relief, COVID-19 Response 

CC: (1) Joseph R. Biden, Jr., President of the United States of America; (2) Xavier Becerra, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; (3) Dr. Miguel Cardona, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education; (4) Rochelle Walensky, MD, MPH, Director of the Centers for Disease Control; (5) Lawrence A. Tabak, DDS, Ph.D., Acting Director of the National Institutes of Health

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  1. Great start! Openness is not in the best interest of pharecuitical companies. The huge profits some have made off this war on germs should be recognized for what it is. Epidemics come and go throughout history and science won’t ever stop nature.
    The Titanic could not be sunk until an iceberg said otherwise. Mans answer. Destroy all the icebergs.

      • ?I don’t have a stance on global warming because The Holy Bible told us in advance that these things would happen before the second coming of Christ. And it’s happening.

        ?READ MATTHEW 24:3-8

        ?Global warming is just a tidy little “label” for fear of people reading it in the Bible for theirselves and doing the “ unthinkable “ which in todays world would be “accepting Jesus” and “repenting” of their personal sinful lifestyles.


  2. ? Stop discriminating against the UNvaccinated!!! I caught Covid from a vaccinated person. The entire plantation did. Just ONE SICK VACCINATED PERSON.

    This isn’t about illness. This is about control.

    Open your eyes people! It’s a world power takeover test run. Duh….

    • “Fringe” (sic) doctors warned us that the “vaccines” would do exactly what they did: ENHANCE infectability. As well as seriously damage the immune systems and other bodily systems of many injectees.

      The “conspiracy theories” were correct.

  3. It is interesting what these docs have to say. However, since the pandemic started, we have seen several variants that, while not unexpected, were unpredictable in their ability to transmit, as well as their virulence. Many doctors and scientist say there will be more variants. Therefore it should be noted that caution is the best policy, and a return to normal made as soon as we feel it is safe, not at a prearranged time, as this letter requests.

    • sort of like the flu huh?
      “exercise caution” hmmm.
      maybe we should stay locked up for eternity,,,,
      that’s what schwab, gates, fauci, and the ccp envision.

      how about this? you stay home and exercise all the caution you want and stop with the virtue signals. the rest of us should start exercising common sense.

    • The sham “vaccines” caused the most recent “variants.”

      It’s time to grow up, and accept danger will never be eliminated nor will it go away for the most part. Protect the vulnerable without inflicting massive injury to the majority.

      Far more have died or suffered from the “pandemic control measures” than the actual virus itself.

  4. Anytime free speech and free press are raped you have tyranny. Public resistance is the only successful weapon against tyrants. Violence destroys most resistance movements. Tolstoy, Gandhi, MLKjr, all flawed humans discovered the power of agreement is greater than force

  5. The only thing wrong with Karl Marks ideas is greed.
    Money is only synthetic power.
    Power is the most addictive drug.
    Herion and crank do not approach the damage of pure greed.

  6. You will not die, you will be like gog, knowing! This is Paul’s delusion, this is Christial delusion. Read Dueteronmy 32. Saul was chosen to afflict the Jews for their idols.
    “I will incense them with a no-folk, vex them with a nation of fools. Christianity is gods punishment for Israel’s unbelief. Try reading the Bible cover to cover, few Christains have done that.

    • Yes but then Saul got “saved” and did a complete 180. Jesus Christ gave him a new name, Paul.

      Saul quit killing Christians and became the biggest supporter of Jesus Christ and Christianity ? .Saul had what we call a “born again” experience. As you well know Douglas.

      Millions around the world can testify of Gods great love and mercy. And the saving power of Jesus Christ.

      The Gospel changed my life. ? I’m a completely different person now. Like Saul.

  7. I must disagree with you.

    COVID-19(84) is SO far beyond merely a money-making scam. The grotesque profits in the hundreds of billions worldwide are merely a desired side-effect of the real purpose.

    The real purpose is to bring about their so-called Great Reset, as laid out openly by the World Economic Forum. Among the objectives: to seriously & permanently damage the middle class; kill millions directly and indirectly with deliberately-ineffective treatment as well as active measures like the sham “vaccines,” and build up (“build back better” is a phrase used worldwide) the technocratic means to track everyone at all times everywhere (the “vaccine passports” are the prototype).

    It would be amusing if advocated by a Bond-type villain (e.g., Klaus Schwab) in a movie. Very sadly, it’s all real, and tens of millions are dead already because of it.


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