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Ukiah Police Apprehend Suspect After Alleged Violent Assault on Elderly Man


The following is a press release from the Ukiah Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Curtis Bettencort [Mugshot from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Booking Logs]

On 03/31/2024, Ukiah Police Department (UPD) Officers were dispatched to the 100 block of East Gobbi  Street in Ukiah for a report of an assault that had just occurred. UPD Dispatch informed the UPD Officers that a suspect, described as a black male adult wearing sweatpants and no shirt had just attacked a male, and fled on foot towards Safeway. 

A UPD Officer arrived at the intersection of East Gobbi Street and the Great Redwood Trail and was flagged down by multiple concerned citizens who were tending to an injured elderly male. The UPD Officer immediately determined that the victim had sustained traumatic injuries to his face and head, and was in need  of medical treatment. Medical personnel were requested to the scene and the extent of the victim’s injuries were relayed to the other UPD Officers that were arriving in the area. Multiple eyewitnesses informed the  UPD Officer on scene that the victim, a Ukiah resident had been casually walking down the street, had been punched multiple times, thrown to the ground, and kicked in the head.  

The UPD Officers began canvasing the area for the suspect, and located 33-Year-Old, Curtis Bettencourt on the west side of Safeway. Bettencourt matched the description of the suspect as Bettencourt was shirtless and wearing sweatpants. Bettencourt was known to UPD Officers to have a history of drug use and violent behavior. Bettencourt was immediately noncompliant, refused to submit to detention, and took a fighting stance. Bettencourt balled up his fists and began making punching motions, leading the UPD Officer to believe that Bettencourt was preparing for a physical altercation. 

The UPD Officer deployed his conducted energy device (TASER) at Bettencourt, which achieved neuromuscular incapacitation so Bettencourt was able to be restrained in handcuffs without any injury to the UPD Officer or Bettencourt. 

The victim was transported to Adventist Health Ukiah Valley (AHUV) Emergency Room where treatment was initiated for multiple head wounds. Bettencourt was also transported to the AHUV Emergency Room for  precautionary measures, before being taken to the Mendocino County Jail and booked on charges of assault  resulting in great bodily injury [243(d) PC], resisting arrest [148(a)(1) PC], and possession of drug  paraphernalia [11364(a) H&S.] 

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UPD would like to thank MedStar medical personnel who arrived on scene to treat the injured victim and  AHUV medical staff for their assistance.  

As always, UPD’s mission is to make Ukiah as safe a place as possible. If you would like to know more about crime in your neighborhood, you can sign up for telephone, cellphone, and email notifications by clicking the  Nixle button on our website; www.ukiahpolice.com.

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  1. First of all, I pray this elderly man will make a full recovery. He may be reluctant to go for a walk in town again. We need police on the streets downtown. Safeway needs a security guard! It’s real creepy there and theft happens everyday. The employees are instructed not to stop the thieves, with risk of being terminated, and this enables more crime! I’ve witnessed it numerous times. Our city government needs to pressure these rich corporations to provide security for its patrons! These types of crimes are rampant in San Francisco and other cities. Our town has the same type of crimes committed in the big cities, with less numbers. It’s past time to provide more security to our citizens and tourists who may come through on their way to the coast. Fund more patrol positions. Its not a good look Ukiah. We cannot become numb and do nothing. Government needs to find the funds to fight crime.

    • The reason employees are instructed not to stop thieves is because they’re not trained to do so nor should they be expected to for minimum wage jobs. No-one should be risking their lives around people like this clown to stop someone from stealing liquor or whatever else they want to take. That’s why we have professionals like police officers. You’ve obviously never had to actually work a job like that otherwise you’d know this.

      • You are correct. I shouldn’t have said that. They should not stop them from stealing. They should call police and give a description of the thief. The employees say the police don’t do anything. I do know they arrest the ones that they can. The employer should care about their employees safety and the safety of their patrons.

  2. First a prayer for elderly mans recovery. Upon a day of a bookclub walk I saw a person hitting dirt with a stick…a man pulling up pants behind train depot & assorted other red flags! I turned around drove to park & walked around the park instead. No laws were being broken. When I raised my concern and said trail needed security guards like walk trails in other states. It was dismissed as a bad idea. First defense taught in workshops is be aware of surroundings. I do not walk the trail anymore. Russian roulette that the next walk will be safe isn’t a gamble I can take or will choose to take. I don’t understand why protection of life is seen as wrong. Another rule taught in self defense. If anyone tells you it’s wrong to protect yourself…..don’t listen.


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