Saturday, September 23, 2023

[UPDATE 2:46 p.m.] Fire Burning From Vegetation Into an Apartment Building in Ukiah


Smoke rising from the Leslie incident in Ukiah as seen from the ALERTCalifornia Redwood Valley camera.Smoke rising from the Leslie incident in Ukiah as seen from the ALERTCalifornia Redwood Valley camera.

At about 1:45 p.m., a vegetation fire spread into an apartment complex on Leslie Street in Ukiah. Flames were seen under the eaves of one of the buildings, according to emergency personnel speaking over the scanner.

Emergency personnel began evacuating residents.

Fire outside is being knocked down quickly and smoke is dissipating on the ALERTCalifornia camera, but there is fire in the attic, according to firefighters speaking over the scanner.

Firefighters are setting up the ladder truck to help access the issues in the attic.

Please remember that this story is unfolding. Information is being reported as we gather it. However, some of the information coming from witnesses and initial official reports could be wrong. We will do our best to get the facts but, in the case that something is inaccurate, we will update with correct information as soon as we can.

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UPDATE 2:46 p.m.: The Incident Commander reports that the fire is contained.

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