MendoMoments: A Wake of Vultures Feast on a Carcass

An adolescent Turkey Vulture [Photographs

Alongside the dry bed of Feliz Creek, vultures feasted on the carcass of what could be a fox this morning on the west side of Sanel Valley.

The Audubon Society identifies Mendocino County as a region where Turkey Vultures are common all year around where they will be seen using their keen sense of smell to locate carrion. Turkey Vultures mainly feed on deceased animals, but have been known to eat “decaying vegetable matter, live insects, or live fish in drying-up ponds.”

Vultures are a prime example of the wonderful world of collective nouns within the animal kingdom. As per, a group of vultures while perched in a tree can be called a “committee,” a “venue,” or sometimes a “volt.” When vultures are feeding on a carcass, they are referred to as a “wake.”

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  1. When they circle high it is called a kettle. All pathogens end with the vulture, plague, small pox, Ebola. They are natures true garbage service. Dicolfenac caused the extinction event in India that currently has the worst rabies epidemic in world history. Dogs and rats doing the job vultures used to handle.

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